Intelligent Automation

The Desire of greatness in detail

AFT Automation GmbH is a proven specialist within the industry of customized machinery with very high quality standards and more than 30 years of experience.

Our core competencies include : the development and design of customized machines, automated systems, individualized handling solutions and stamping technologies for precision mechanics and micro assembly.

From the idea to the perfect product

We develop and build intelligent automatic solutions for divisions such as electronic, automotive, medical, safety systems and micro assembly.

Portrayed is an AFT standard cell

as a steel welding construction with high continuity and mass, which is an initial requirement for high precision applications in the micro assembly of medical devices.
Within this application, very small components are joined and then welded with a laser. The transport system is a Scara robot. In the final inspection of the finished assemblies, rotation, tension forces and withdrawal forces are measured and documented via cameras and force-displacement measuring systems.


  • Servo axes
  • Testing Technology
  • Robots
  • Pneumatics
  • Cam driven solutions
  • Joining Technologies
  • Tools

For the perfect production

Customized machines, also cam-controlled systems for complex and fast processes and small components

Extensive process knowledge in welding, soldering, gluing, crimping, caulking, laser processing, etc.


Extensive material knowledge about titanium, tungsten, ceramics, glass, plastic, semi-conductors, etc.

  • Complete production Construction and commissioning of the required system
  • Start-up of the plant under production conditions
  • Staff training
  • Top References: Our typical customers are market leaders
  • Machine layout ensures highest reproducibility
  • Complete provider: from construction to service
  • Diverse machines enable service synergies
  • Our process know-how accelerates your product development
  • Best technology ensures best availability (>95% typical)
  • Fast return on investment